published February 26, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Pagiging banal ng EDSA people power revolution, hindi dapat kalimutan

Manila,Philippines– Hindi dapat makalimutan ang pagiging banal ng Edsa People Power.

Binigyan diin ni CBCP President Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas na hindi maaring ikuwento ang kasaysayan ng “bloodless revolution” kung wala ang Panginoon.

“You cannot tell and retell the story of EDSA without God”.bahagi ng homily ni Archbishop Villegas

Nilinaw ni Archbishop Villegas na biyaya ng Diyos ang EDSA-1 anuman ang magiging porma ng taunang paggunita sa pagtatapos ng diktaduryang Marcos.

“Tell to your children that EDSA is holy and it is people who keep it holy and that is you. If they to celebrate EDSA in Cebu, if they want it in Baguio or in Mindanao, Let it be but for you stand on this ground because here on this ground it’s you and I and God had a peace loving encounter for four days and history cannot be changed anymore. On this hallowed ground for four sacred days the blessed Virgin Mary walk with us, the lord of peace talk to us keep it sacred come back to this place no matter where you go because here we will always find the living god here at Edsa Shrine”. I have mixed feelings today, on ones side Im happy and greatful to remember but on the other side I am sad and lonely and I ask myself is it all that is left. After 28 years is this all that will gather to thank the lord for an event that made the Filipinos stand 10 feet tall in the family of nations”.madamdaming pahayag ng Arsobispo

Ikinalulungkot ni Archbishop Villegas ang pagkaka-itsapuwera ng Diyos sa ika-28 taong paggunita ng EDSA-1

“It seems that God is so used to being set aside even if always set him aside, he continues to bless us it seems. But our country, our government cannot move if we continues to ignore God.”paalala ng Arsobispo

Iginiit ng Arsobispo na walang maikukuwento kay Cory Aquino, mga madre, Cardinal Sin, mga sundalo, mga negosyante at mamamayan kung hindi kasama ang Panginoon.

“You can approach Edsa by different angle but just don’t forget one component, You can tell the story of Tita Cory but don’t forgot that she prayed the rosary with us, you can tell the story of Cardinal Sin but he is the first man of the church and of God before being a man of the streets, you can tell the story of military, businessmen, the soldiers, the nuns but please remember all the time that the soldiers the nuns all of them will be nothing if God did not walk with us in this hallowed ground of Edsa of 1986”.paglilinaw pa ng Arsobispo.(Riza Mendoza)


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